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Workshops and Events

Monkey Mind Meditation

Yoga Sakti, Nov 19,6:30-7:45pm 


Monkey mind, n. Buddhist term meaning “unsettled, restless”

In this program, prepare to relax deeply while learning several simple meditation and relaxation techniques to incorporate into your life now.  Meditation coach and hypnotherapist, Eileen Erni will guide you through several easy and deeply relaxing  approaches to meditation using aromatherapy, candlelight, the breath and sound. The monkey swings from vine to vine as the mind swings from thought to thought.  Slow down the thoughts, become aware of what it is you are focusing on, from there you can end bad habits, become less reactionary, stop self sabotage, your power is end


Beverly Hypnosis Presents:

Home for the holidays Fengshui Program

  Saturday Dec. 2nd and 9th 9 am. 80.oo

H –  HEALTH         Underlying problems exist in the home causing real HEALTH issues

   O – ORGANIZE    Clear away clutter, get ORGANIZED and receive immediate positive results

        M – MAGICK   Learn the practical MAGICK techniques to enhance all areas of your life

      E – ENERGY         Manipulate the existing ENERGY in your home for  good health and prosperity.

Join Feng Shui master,Valerie Tuminowski  for this 2 part workshop and immediately transform your home. Reserve your space here

Hypnosis combined with Acupuncture for Weight Loss 
Yoga Sakti, Dec.1st , 7:30pm

Join Acupuncturist Eliza Mellen Smith and Hypnotherapist Eileen Erni Experience the powerful synergy of two healing modalities paired to lose the weight and keep it off without deprivation.We are taught to use willpower, to make it happen and for most of us it may work for a while. But if willpower worked we would all be what we want to be. So we try to force a new behavior. Inevitably after a while, the struggle becomes too difficult, so we justify returning to the behavior that gives us comfort. Then we feel like we failed and therein lies the direct road to self-sabotage Eliza and Eileen will combine hypnosis and acupuncture to help you melt the pounds without yoyo dieting and deprivation. Don’t miss this deeply relaxing, transformative event. $60. Space is limited, pre registration required. Strict 24 hour cancelation policy. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions or insights you may have. 

With Gratitude, Eileen text: 978 223 3535 eileenerni@icloud.com

Private Hypnosis with Eileen

  • Confidential and caring environment
  • Lifetime results
  • Nationally certified with the NGH
  • Carefully guided instruction in self hypnosis
  • Ability how to identify the “story you tell yourself”
  • Instruction on how to interrupt the negative thought patterns
  • Email support
  • Reasonable rates
  • Weekend hours available

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Eileen Erni CHT RYT

Don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions  or for a free consultation  eileenerni@icloud.com

I found yoga 20+ years ago to help lessen my anxiety and panic and was immediately hooked. Yet, it wasn’t until I began to teach yoga in 2007 that I found where my true passion for yoga lies; restorative yoga and meditation. I developed a restorative workshop with seamless transition and lots of pampering. So many I have dedicated my work to the idea:  when you change your mind,you change your life.  I will inspire and motivate you to adopt healthier habits, as these are essential to make your body, mind and emotions function at their greatest capacity.

Many of you shared with me how much it has helped with stress, anxiety and sleep problems but I wanted to do MORE. I found Hypnosis and after working successfully with a Hypnotherapist decided to become certified and open a private practice at Yoga Sakti Studios in Salem MA. I am so blessed to be able to share these powerful healing techniques in private sessions and group workshops. In my private sessions, you are met where you are and will gently be lead to lasting change. In my workshops,you will experience a state of calming bliss,so desperately needed by all of us.



Cindy M Lynn MA 5/17

I have to admit I am feeling GREAT!! I had 3 events on Friday in which I had no cake, no sweets, and no pizza!!! And it was not hard to do, I just didn’t want it.  I feel great, I look in the mirror and I’m loving what I see. What you do is amazing!

Mike T. Beverly MA  4/17

Just wanted to give you an update on my recovery from the issues which have been plaguing me for the past few years. Since I starting seeing you a few months ago I have noticed a considerable decrease in my anxiety and panic episodes. Not only was the Hypnosis a pleasurable and painless experience but our talks about life’s struggles in general have been a great help.  Thanks again for all your help you are a true professional and have made a big difference in my life.