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Yoga Classes

 Yoga Classes


Weekly Classes

Yoga Sakti Salem Ma:
Deep Stretch Restorative

Friday 6:00-7:15pm 
Vinyasa Yoga
Thursday 6:00-7:am
All levels welcome



 Restorative Yoga

In our busy lives where so much is demanded of us, it is often the case that we give from a depleted source. This “giving from an empty well”  can cause stress, anxiety, depression and if done chronically often leads to illness and disease.  That is why finding a few moments every day to “fill the empty well” with  basic breathing techniques, meditation, or deep conscious relaxation is not only good for you , but essential to your well being. The general thought is that you need find ways to trigger your parasympathetic nervous system(PNS) every day The PSN is the branch of the Autonomic Nervous System responsible for the body’s ability to recuperate and return to a balanced state (known as “homeostasis”) after experiencing pain or stress. Basically it is your nervous systems “brakes.”  Many of us are not triggering this part of our ANS often enough. Our body gives us symptoms to let us know we are on overdrive which  include, backache, insomnia, headache and poor digestion to mention a few.  

An extremely effective way to achieve total relaxation is with restorative yoga. It a therapeutic style of yoga created by B.K.S. Iyengar ,  we utilize yoga props such as blankets, bolsters and straps to safely support the body in a variety of  postures which allows the body to move towards a state of balance.   Practicing poses using props provides a completely supportive environment for total relaxation. The more your body is supported in the poses the deeper the sense of relaxation you will experience.  Relaxation is a state in which there is no movement, no effort, and the mind begins to quiet.  

In a Restorative Yoga workshop it is taken one step further.  Everything is prepared for your deep relaxation experience when you arrive to the candlelit studio.  Yoga Oasis  focuses on deep conscious relaxation, allowingyou to trigger your parasympathetic nervous system and quiet the mind while you to release deeply held tension.  The use of chilled lavender eye pillows, head massager, silk neck rolls and essential oils add for an atmosphere of total pampering bliss.  You deserve this.

Yoga Nidra (sleep yoga)

yoga nidra

A form of meditative self-inquiry that, while relaxing the body, opens the mind to greater discernment and self-awareness, and the heart to love and acceptance of what is.

It could be said that the main purpose of yoga nidra is to realize one’s sankalpa 

Open the energy lines throughout the body, greatly improving flexibility as you move towards a balance within. The intensity of this practice can provide a great release of stagnant energy.