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Emily T. Worburn MA 8/17

I must THANK YOU so very much for helping me. In the last week I think I have accomplished more than I had in the last 9 months. I feel as if a fog were lifted off of me. I can’t begin to tell u what a beacon of light you have been for me

Kristina Peabody MA 8/17


Cindy M Lynn MA 5/17

I have to admit I am feeling GREAT!! I had 3 events on Friday in which I had no cake, no sweets, and no pizza!!! And it was not hard to do, I just didn’t want it.  I feel great, I look in the mirror and I’m loving what I see. What you do is amazing!

Mike T. Beverly MA  4/17

Just wanted to give you an update on my recovery from the issues which have been plaguing me for the past few years. Since I starting seeing you a few months ago I have noticed a considerable decrease in my anxiety and panic episodes. Not only was the Hypnosis a pleasurable and painless experience but our talks about life’s struggles in general have been a great help. I promise to continue to work on the tools which I learned from you but also to schedule more sessions when I get back from my time away. Thanks again for all your help you are a true professional and have made a big difference in my life.


M.T., Sugar Addiction-Peabody Ma

After the first session of your program, I find that I don’t crave sugar as much. Just yesterday, I was so busy that I did not have time to eat lunch, and by 2:00 I was very hungry. The company I work for is great for providing free snacks in the kitchen. I had 5 min to eat something before going into my next meeting. I saw cookies, brownies, Lindt chocolates, and caramels. For once in my life I went for a banana instead. I had no craving for the sweets. I almost did not recognize myself! I don’t know what else to say other than thank you very much, and I look forward to the next session!

Sarah, Exam Anxiety- Hamilton Ma

I definitely have great news to share with you. After our session, I have noticed my anxiety levels significantly decrease. My anxiety was so bad that it was hard to breathe for long periods of time (usually during work or studying).

Ever since we had met I have noticed a change when I am at work or studying that my anxiety doesn’t hold me back from doing my work.  I love that I can now focus my energy into positive thinking, and not negative thinking that held me back for quite some time.

Group Hypnosis Weight Loss Participants

I have lost 12lbs in less than a month…After years of beating myself up over lack of will power and body image issues, I am letting that guilt go.  I saw your workshop advertised and stepped out of my comfort zone…. You have helped me change my life’s journey and I will be forever grateful…E.G.

I am not living to get my next meal anymore (if that makes any sense) and my clothes are getting loose so I definitely want to keep this going! Thank you so much!!

I took home a doggy bag.  I don’t ever remember doing that.  Thanks, Tom

This workshop has mad a BIG difference in how I view food. It’s a lot less stressful not that I don’t feel I need to count points (attended weight watchers for years) As I now prefer healthier foods, my sugar cravings are down and my portions are smaller than they used to be.   Thank you doesn’t seem like enough. K.B.

Anonymous,Anxiety-Beverly MA 

I have great news to share with you. After our session, I have noticed my anxiety levels significantly decrease.Ever since we had met I have noticed a change when I am at work or studying that my anxiety doesn’t hold me back from doing my work. Thank you so much for helping me!

Deena Fisher-Salem MA

Hypnosis therapy helped me refocus my energy on no sugar in my diet. Eileen helped me realize that I could stop cravings immediately and achieve my goal. We added in 2 quick reminders- one was aromatherapy and the other a finger rub to help me conquer the final weight. I’m now 1 lb. away from my goal and 37 days without processed sugar. At 35, I’ve never felt better.

Sarah,Self Confidence- Lynn MA

Eileen, Your sessions have literally changed my perspective – and behaviors! These sessions have been so powerful for me. I feel better than I have in a very long time! Thanks SH

Carol, Sugar addiction-Beverly MA

I can’t believe it – I DO NOT want sugar!! It’s crazy, but every time I think about going for something sweet, the desire is not there at all! I am thrilled with the immediate results ! – CT

Kellye, Nail Biting-Salem MA

I have nails! Everyone that knows me cannot believe I have nails! I don’t even think about biting them, not even a nibble. Huge Thanks, Kellye

Jen, Sugar Addiction-MA

Jen wrote: “Ha! You can’t see it right now, Eileen McKone Erni, but I am bowing to you (& ask anyone who knows me…I bow to NO ONE) For those who don’t read all that I share, this dear woman is the patient, knowledgeable, guiding, & friendly voice behind the success, relaxation, & peace that I have found in my Sugar Busters Workshop  Jen Bella Mura

 KT, Sugar Addiction-Beverly MA

Thank you for checking in! I find that after three sessions that I’m able to look at sugar and just walk away from it more often than not. I’ll still have a snack every now and then but my life doesn’t rotate around whether or not I’ll have sugar that day or what dessert will be after dinner. I’m enjoying my “real food” more and less concerned with sugary trappings. I’m digging it.

Amanda E. Smoking Cessation-Salem MA

Just a quick email to say thank you!  It has been five months since I smoked. You were right, it was easier than I thought it would be.  Amanda E.

JM. Diet Coke Addiction- NJ

I am amazed that I don’t drink diet coke anymore. Like a shift that didn’t take much effort on my part, I simply don’t think about it anymore.  JM

Workshop Buzz

The workshop was awesome!! I cannot begin to tell you how relaxed and re-energized I felt post workshop. Please let me know the next time you will be holding another one as I would love to attend and bring a few friends with me!! You are the best! Mara

Thank you Eileen for providing us with such great evening last Saturday. The Workshop was absolutely fantastic and offered much more than I was expecting. I felt very balance and filled with harmony after those two hours. All the breathing exercises and the relaxation positions that you taught us are very helpful. The presence of Sarah Haase with her magical hands gave a special touch to the evening.

“Eileen’s Restorative Yoga Workshop is a key ingredient in my routine. It is my opportunity to put the daily stresses of life into perspective, let go, and reconnect with the things that are important. You walk away feeling like you just took a week vacation.”

I just wanted to thank you so much, not only for restorative yoga which has really helped me a great deal in only 2 sessions of it, but more importantly for you sharing all that you did with me. It not only gave me a great deal of practical tools but also just moral support and a brighter outlook which I truly appreciate. It is lovely to know that one can go from intense anxiety to a serene yoga instructor such as yourself. Max

I absolutely LOVED the workshop last night!! I left feeling so relaxed and with an overall feeling of peacefulness. It’s very difficult for me to relax and let go but I felt very safe in your class and didn’t feel like I didn’t belong- which is how I have felt in every other yoga experience I have had. I’ve already talked 2 girlfriends into joining me next month so you may need a bigger room.

I felt the warmth of the room as I entered the yoga studio. Along the perimeter, candles glowed in the dim light and there was a relaxing, hush in the room. From the foot reflexology to the head massage, to the essential oils and the chilled lavender eye pillow, I never expected this but after taking this workshop, I realized that I totally deserved it. This was a truly sensory experience. The yoga positions restored and balanced my body, my mind and ego relaxed, music drifted in the background and I was able to check out. Eileen and her team are professional, highly trained and generous of spirit. Treat your mind, body and soul at a Yoga Restorative Oasis Workshop. Elaine

I was one of the participants in last Saturday’s restorative yoga class @ Yoga Sakti, and I cannot tell you how wonderful it was! I felt so utterly relaxed and calm afterwards, and (as you promised!) I slept more soundly than I have in ages. I even woke up feeling refreshed and positive the next day! I wish I could do this class once a week; it would do me so much good.


I would highly recommend your classes to my friends. Your style is a great combination of positive, soothing, fun and encouraging. Thank you so much!!


Hi Eileen; As always – Sunday’s YogaShanty Workshop was divine!!!! Perhaps even more so this time, considering the timing of it!!!! Perfect thing to do amidst all the holiday stress!

One of the best things that happened to me in 2009 was discovering you and your wonderful workshops…I wish you all the best for 2010, and hope to share many YogaShanty Workshop experiences with you in the coming year!  Namaste, Pat


Eileen’s YogaShanty Workshop is an experience not to be missed…I have now attended about 5 of them, and each one just keeps getting better and better! I have always favored Restorative Yoga over other types, but I must say that Eileen’s extra touches take the relaxation experience to an even higher level. You simply have to step into the studio, soak up the inviting atmosphere and hear Eileen’s soothing voice, and you will immediately feel calmer – but trust me, that is only the beginning of your YogaShanty Workshop experience! I too wish I could take this workshop every week – I will be signing up for the November one soon!

I a so glad I brought my daughter to tonight’s class. She really enjoyed your style of teaching. On the way home she said, “That was like a massage but better.” YEAH! These college kids need to learn how to relax. Thank you again for fitting us in. M

“I absolutely just love Eileen’s Restorative Yoga Class. She is clearly passionate about sharing her knowledge of yoga and has such a soothing voice. I recommend Eileen’s classes to everyone. ” Kellye

What a blessing: Eileen Erni and YogaShanty Workshop! I look forward to YogaShanty Workshop EVERY MONTH to have my chance to reconnect to myself. Eileen has a lovely way of bringing the class to a very mellow state of relaxation through breath and gentle movements. I love the aromatherapy she uses, the chilled lavender eye pillows, I love the support she offers through the bolstering that SHE provides, I love her gentle and compassionate assists, and the pace is just right. I just show up, lay down, close my eyes, and stretch. Its like floating on a sea of Grace. In Celebration and with Gratitude, Lynette De Innocentis

Your class is perfect so i have no suggestions. i am amazed at how much it has helped me.-Jane

What a wonderful way to spend 100 minutes! Eileen has a beautiful, peaceful way about her that brings your body and spirit to total harmony and tranquility. Great class!! I’m already signed up for the next one. I highly recommend YogaShanty Workshop!! Diane

I attended my first YogaShanty Workshop class a few days ago and can still feel the inner peace and strength that came from the class. I had a particularly stressful week and going into the class I wasn’t sure that I would be able to quiet my mind or body enough to really enjoy it. Eileen not only acknowledged up front how difficult it can be to quiet your mind, she has a unique ability to allow you do to just that. I left the class feeling relaxed, energized, and peaceful. I wish I could take the class every week. Elizabeth

I love this class! I feel so peaceful and grounded when I leave this class and the results last for days. Eileen has a way of knowing exactly what you need to relax, melt away your tension and create peace and harmony within each person that is in the room. The poses are gentle yet effective, and can be modified for each person depending on their level of flexibility. I would recommend this class, and Eileen, to anyone looking for an hour and a half of pure pampering and relaxation. Christy

I enjoy your style and am impressed by the extra thought you put into the details that make your class an experience. The aromatherapy, cool eye pillows, head massage , and relaxing voice complete the relaxation experience. Namaste Mary