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Positive Change with Hypnosis

Sugar Addiction

IMG_2060 Hypnosis for Sugar Cravings and Addiction

Has sugar become part of the story you tell yourself? Do you identify sugar with a life   situation? Do you use sugar as a treat, a reward or a way to feel pleasure?  Hypnosis is a powerful , natural tool to change the story you are telling  yourself and replace those old worn out thoughts and behaviors with empowering new beliefs about your relationship with sugar.

Stop your Sugar Addiction with Hypnosis

Eileen will guide you to begin to understand your triggers that create the craving for sugar. You will become more aware of the state of your body an mind just before you feel cravings for sugar and as a result of positive hypnotic suggestions, reduce even eliminate sugar cravings.

Three Ways to Eliminate Sugar Cravings Now

1.Low thyroid activity may contribute to sugar cravings. Signs of this condition include dry skin, fatigue, cold hands and feet.2.Don’t be fooled Artificial sweeteners cause weight gain by tricking your brain but it back fires and reeks havoc on your insulin levels and decreases the serotonin levels in the brain. Fructose is also wise to stay away from and can be found in “healthy fruit juices, nectar or anything lite” eg. Sweetened agave. Fructose interrupts your body’s natural ability to know when you are full.3. Don’t skip breakfast! Eating a sensible, healthy, non-processed breakfast complete with protein helps to eliminate sugar cravings throughout the day.

Just the Facts About Sugar:

• Eating excess sugar causes 20 times more deaths than smoking does per year.

• People eat over 100 times the amount of refined sugar than we did just 40 years ago,           approximately 120 lbs a year

• Research and studies have proven sugar can weaken the immune system, contribute to the aging process, raise stress levels, contribute to Type II diabetes, and create more fat in your body (sugar is a carbohydrate).

• Every cell in your body functions better without it.

• You body craves sugar, every cell in your body functions through using glycogen

• Eat meals rich in protein, including breakfast. Drink plenty of water and get plenty of sleep to eliminate sugar cravings.

• The best way to quit sugar is to replace it with healthy raw fruit sugars like berries, and small amounts of dark chocolate

• You don’t require more organization or discipline, what your body craves is rest, skipping meals only exacerbates the cravings and disrupts your blood sugar.