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Positive Change with Hypnosis

Worry Less Live More

Worry Less, Live More

 I heard a  great line the other day…  Worrying is way of praying for the worst possible outcome.Everything in your life is affected by your thoughts and their corresponding emotions.  In my private practice as a hypnotherapist as well as in  my own life, it has become clear to me, we focus our energies, feelings and minds on what we don’t want rather than what we do. Your thought is the level of cause, experience is the level of effect.

Worrying is way of praying for the worst possible outcome

It’s all in your mind. These counter intentions, sayings, self defeating chatter are in most cases automatic and are very powerful because they exist in the subconscious mind. You hardly notice what it is you are saying to yourself because often times the negative beliefs have been there for years.  For example:  “I need more money.”  The subconscious delvers:  the NEED for more money. In Hypnosis you can bypass the conscious mind and get directly into the subconscious, changing the blocks and self-sabotage that keeps us stuck and unleash the unlimited power of you.